Silu is a device that helps kids training the skill of decision making.
It allows the kid develop a visual story by using silhouettes.
By making decisions the kid creates a scene and can project it
on the wall.
The story continues when the kid selects each one of the options.
Target age: 6-10
Experience and interaction modality
Silu is composed by a digital component and a physical one.
The digital component is an app which run on Apple device where kids need to interact with. The app allows kids to read, listen, draw and take decision.
The physical component is a portable wood device, with inside an Arduino one circuit, a board and a light connected with the possibility to adjust the intensity of the it.
The interactions kids have to perform with the two elements are the following:

The kid starts reading the story after he has selected characters and places. Based on which character and place kid chose, the application starts different stories that the kid need to read. At a certain time, kids needs to solve a dilemma, which is a question kids can answer taking a choice of how to continue the current story. There are different choices and once kids has taken one of them, he/she can draw a scene and the characters on a card just putting it on the iPad. The physical devices allows kid to insert these transparent card through three slots to create different layers and play with shadows. The layers are the background and character added during the decision making action. The kid can turn on Silu, pushing the button on the back and adjust the intensity of the light depending on the distance from the wall.
Made with Shiran Hirshberg and Silvia Natale

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